What are the script fields options

Each field used to make a call script contains several options.



When the box is checked, the form cannot be validated if the fields defined as required aren't filled.

Help text

The help text allows, for instance, to display precise work instructions.
The help text appears in blue.

Exemple de texte d'aide

Mask by default

The "Mask by default" option is useful to manage the dynamic display of a script.

A dynamic display allows to show some field depending on different management policies.

Field tags

Associated to the "Mask by default" option, tags allow to manage the fields display rules when using a script with dynamic display.

Auto-complete function

The auto-complete function allows users to limit the amount of information they have to type on their keyboard by suggesting complements that match to the caracter string they begun typing.

The auto-complete function is only available in the simple text field.

Animation autocompletion

Actions to manage dynamic display

Specifics actions are available in the choice list field.

These actions allow to set up management policies to create dynamically displayed scripts.


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