How to add credit

The "Consumption monitoring" menu allows you to follow your credit balance and see how you spend it.

Access to consumption monitoring is reserved for administrators of the web2contact account. For another user to access consumption monitoring, you must activate the “Access the consumption monitoring menu” right in the “Rights” tab of the “User management” menu.

  • The credit for the communication costs of outgoing calls

Web2contact offers you licenses including communication costs to fixed and/or mobile phones. These options are not mandatory.
If you have not subscribed to one of these options, the communication costs will be deducted from your credit balance.
In the consumption follow-up, you will find each outgoing call made with its cost.

Conso appelss
  • Credit for sending SMS

You can integrate SMS sending buttons into your telephone prospecting campaigns from a qualification script. (How to add a send SMS button)
The sending of SMS is subject to a user right.
The cost of sending SMS is not included in the packages offered. A positive credit balance is therefore essential to be able to benefit from this feature.

  • The credit for the connection to the day

Web2contact offers a “day” package. In order to avoid paying for a one-month license for an agent present for a week, you can opt for the daily connection. This solution is economical for short periods of use and is non-binding.
For each first connection of an agent over a day, the amount of 3.5 credits is deducted, which corresponds to approximately €3.50 excluding VAT/day. Access is then possible until midnight on the day on which the connection takes place.
In this mode, there is no communication package included. Communication costs will be deducted from the credit.

How to add credit ?

To add credit, go to the "Domain management" > "Consumption monitoring" menu.

Conso credit

The information banner shows you your credit balance. A button allows you to buy credit packs.

You just have to click on the quantity of credits and their equivalent in euros that you need and validate and pay for the order.

In the "Domain management" > "Order tracking" menu, you will find orders awaiting payment or invoices that you can download.

For any questions, contact support.