How to add an appeal number into my account

Unlike other phoning softwares, you have the possibility to manage incoming calls as well as outgoing calls.

To do so, it is required to own a DID number.

DID means Direct Inward Dialing.

A DID number allows an incoming phone call to result on the direct line of a person without having to go through a switchboard.

As a telecom operator, we can :

  • Assign non-geographic numbers (09 n°) or geographic numbers (01,02...).
  • Retrieve management of other operators' numbers thanks to portability operations.

You can make a request for a DID number for different reasons :

  • You just created your company and you need one or several numbers (switchboard, direct lines of collaborators...),
  • You manage an hotline activity and need a number to which your clients will redirect their calls,
  • You conduct different phone prospecting operations and want prospects to be able to call you back.

NB/ The geographic DID n° attribution is made under certain conditions (quantity, time commitment...), ask all informations by using the link below.

To request a DID n°, contact the Support stating the type and number of n° desired.