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Web2contact is a software for prospecting and managing customer contacts. It centralizes and processes all the flows that a VSE / SME must manage daily (telephone, emails, faxes, etc.). Placed at the heart of your activity, the Web2contact software allows you to easily interact with your prospects, customers but also with all connected collaborators.
Everything has been done to offer you a simple work interface where information is accessible in a few clicks.


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Help getting started with web2contact

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Guide to getting started on web2contact


Manage my domain

Manage my account: license monitoring and renewal, buy a virtual number, add a number presentation mandate, ...
Manage my users: create, modify and assign access rights to users, create a team, ...
Configure my domain: configure a phone, test the microphone and sound, change the webphone ringtone, ...


Manage my telephone prospecting

Manage my campaigns: create, modify, recycle a campaign, manage calls, follow-up and statistics, ...
Manage my prospecting files: importing a file, modifying, adding or recycling files, ...
Manage my call script: create or modify a script, assign it to a campaign, ...


Manage my incoming calls

Manage my phone status: pick up, manage, transfer a call
Manage my distribution queues: create and configure a distribution queue, add a sound, ...
Manage my call scenarios: create and modify a scenario, define opening hours, ...


Manage my shared mailbox

Manage my emails
Manage my tickets