My number appears in SPAM

What should I do when my number appears in SPAM ?

Your interlocutor does not receive your calls? You may have been cataloged in SPAM.

Filtered calls appear in the call history but did not ring the caller's phone.

  • Either your interlocutor has manually blocked your phone number,
  • Either you have been cataloged in SPAM by the mobile operating system of the phone.

Android: "suspected spam call"

For Android phones, the information “Suspected spam call” appears in the call log.
Your interlocutor can manually unblock your contact in the “block calls from unidentified people” option via their phone.
Caller ID by Google displays the names of businesses and services that have a Google My Business listing. Caller information from work or school account directories is also used.

To prevent your calls from appearing in SPAM, you must update your Google My Business profile and check that your establishment's information is up-to-date.

Samsung: SMART "suspicion of SPAM"

For SAMSUNG phone owners, a “suspected spam” missed call with the SMART logo appears in the call log.
Samsung has implemented new SPAM protection that blocks your calls.
The Smart Call feature flags suspected spam or fraud calls and blocks or reports your number.

To request that your number be removed from spam, you must submit a request and reinstate your identity on the Hiya site.

Iphones: "calls from strangers"

Pour les Iphones, votre interlocuteur a probablement activé l’option “Appels d’inconnus silencieux” afin d’éviter de recevoir les appels de personnes qu’il ne connaît pas. Les numéros de téléphone de correspondants avec lesquels il n’a jamais été en contact et qui ne sont pas enregistrés dans sa liste de contacts sont alors filtrés.
Les appels provenant de numéros inconnus ne font pas retentir la sonnerie du téléphone et sont directement redirigés vers la messagerie vocale. Ils sont uniquement visibles dans la liste des appels récents.

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