How to create and use a short number

What's the point ?

Short numbers (or internal numbers) are numbers used for example to:

  • join users who are logged into the system; dial 100 to call Mr. Dupond (for example),
  • reach numbers not managed in our system without having to dial the "official" number; dial 101 to call the logistics department,
  • set up specific actions to manage calls (for example IVR, management of line opening times, etc.).

NB/ the format of short numbers can be alphanumeric.
Returning to the example of no. 100 used to reach Mr. Smith, the value 100 of the short number can be replaced by the value "Smith". The final action (call Mr. Smith) will remain unchanged.

How to create a short number ?

Adding a short number is possible without contacting the support service, simply click on the "Add a short number" button on the 'Manage short numbers' page of the 'Application' menu.

Num court pop
Num court liste

A pop up window appears to enter the value of the short number.

When the number is created, it appears in the list with the other existing numbers.

To be able to use the short number, it must be associated with a call scenario.
In the example below, the chosen scenario is 'Call Mr. Smith'.

Capture d e cran 2022 02 22 a 15 23 33

You can add a description for each short number by clicking on the pencil located at the end of the line on the right.

Capture d e cran 2022 02 22 a 15 26 08

Each short number can be deleted easily by clicking on the cross to the right of the pencil icon.

For any questions, contact support.