First steps on web2contact

Is this your first connection to web2contact? Let yourself be guided.
This help with the first steps allows you to master our tool more easily.

Prerequisites for getting started on web2contact

You will find in this section the few points to check to get started on web2contact including:

  •  Create an account and connect to your web2contact dashboard
  •  Perform some tests on your hardware to ensure call quality
  •  Create users and organize teams

Manage your switchboard to receive incoming calls

This section lists the steps required to set up your switchboard.
You will find explanations on the operation of call scenarios and distribution queues in order to best manage the dispatch of your calls.

Manage your phone prospecting activity

Thanks to this section, you will be able to make an outgoing call.

A step by step will allow you to use the telephone prospecting module integrated into web2contact. You will be accompanied to create, import and configure a campaign or create a qualification script.

Use the webphone

Because it is not easy to understand new telephone equipment, web2contact accompanies you. Thanks to this section, you will master the use of the integrated webphone at your fingertips.

Manage your ticketing activity

Web2contact provides you with shared inboxes to manage your teams' emails as well as a ticketing tool. This duo is particularly effective for customer or technical support.

Track your statistical activity

Because the big advantage of going through the web2contact platform is the monitoring of your activity, we guide you in this section to discover the available reports and find out where to find them.