Step 1 : Login to Web2contact

Your manager has invited you to connect to the web2contact application via a personalized address such as:

Group 175

To connect, you will need a login and a password that you will receive by email.
Your manager also defines your access rights to web2contact, which determines what you can or cannot do depending on your mission. It is therefore possible that certain menus presented in this guide are not accessible to you.

Step 2 : Check prerequisites

During your first connection, you must authorize web2contact to access your microphone to be able to make calls via the integrated webphone.

Group 167

To ensure the best sound quality, we strongly recommend that you take a moment to test your headset. In the “my account” menu of the application, you can test the incoming and outgoing sound.

If you are teleworking, we also advise you to check your network and internet configuration and avoid using other applications at the same time so as not to saturate the bandwidth. If you have a fiber connection, you shouldn't have any problems.


Now that you are ready to use web2contact,

What do you want to do ?

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