How to assign a ticket

What is a ticket ? (reminder)

A ticket centralizes all requests made by the same customer.
When a customer sends you a request, the system automatically assigns them a ticket number. All subsequent exchanges (incoming or outgoing) will be centralized under the same ticket number until it is closed.


Why assign a ticket to someone in particular

As part of a customer service activity, it is sometimes necessary for your account managers to personally handle all stages of certain customer requests. This is the case, for example, for orders or the follow-up of a complaint.

Conversely, a request for information from the same customer may be handled by several people (if the customer sends several messages).

The personalization of the treatment of a ticket is possible thanks to the function "Assign this ticket to me".

How to assign a ticket

It is possible for a user to assign a ticket after having opened the form via the "Process tickets" button.

After having read the customer's request, the account manager makes the decision himself whether or not to assign the ticket.

If the assignment was made by mistake, just click on the "Delete my assignment" button.


Tk affect me

Who can open the ticket?

Once the user assigns themselves a ticket, only they can open it. Other users will see a padlock indicating that the card is not accessible.

If the customer returns a new message (which relates to the affected ticket), then the system automatically offers the ticket to the account manager so that he can read the new information sent by the customer.

The same principle applies if the account manager must resume processing the ticket at a later date by selecting the status "To be reopened later".

Affectation admin
Affectation agt

How to remove the assignment

Tk desaffecte me

To remove the assignment of a ticket, the user just has to click on the button "remove my assignment"

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