How to change the subject of a ticket

To begin, a reminder on the notion of ticket: our software allows you to manage exchanges of incoming / outgoing emails between a sender and a recipient (for example customer / seller). When an email is sent to the receiving address set up in the system, a ticket number is assigned automatically.

A ticket groups together in a "conversation" all the incoming / outgoing emails that have been exchanged between sender and recipient about a request.

Why change the subject of a ticket ?

At the time of its creation, the system will assign to the ticket the subject of the email sent by the sender.

Depending on your work organization and/or for practical reasons, it may be necessary to modify the subject of the ticket.

Changing the subject of a ticket allows you to:

  • freely enter information that will allow you to work more efficiently.
  • a more efficient search by using the ticket explorer search filters.

How do I change the subject of a ticket ?

Editing the subject of a ticket is possible once it is opened.

Just click on the small pencil located just to the right of the current subject (in red below).

Ticket modif sujet

Clicking on the pencil triggers the opening of a free entry window which contains by default the original subject used by the sender.

Ticket modif champ

After entering the new subject of the ticket, just click on the tick ✅

Ticket maj sujet

For any questions, contact support.