How to modify the advanced settings of a ticket management campaign

Each ticket management campaign can be fully administered from the manager account (administrator).

To set up your ticket campaign, click on the burger menu > “Edit campaign”. If necessary, consult the document on the configuration of the fields of the "Information" tab

"Advanced" settings tab

  • Priority

This field is used to define the priority level of the campaign.


  • Start date / end date

By default, no date is entered.
If you want your users to access a campaign from a fixed date, you can enter a campaign start date. Similarly, if your offer ends on a fixed date and you don't want your users to use this campaign after that date, you can enter an end date.
You have other possibilities to postpone the start or stop of a campaign, in particular by archiving or withdrawing the teams working on it, for example. However, the advantage of this menu is that you can plan it and therefore do it in advance so as not to forget D-Day.


  • Email templates

You can create email templates in the “Settings” > “Email template management” menu. if necessary, consult the documentation "How to create and administer email templates"

For each model, you will define a tag. We strongly advise you to choose this tag according to the theme of the model.
In your ticket campaign settings, all you have to do is enter the tag(s) you need. Each tag will create a drop-down menu grouping the email templates associated with this same tag.

In the example below, with the addition of the order tag in my settings, I have access to the standard emails corresponding to this tag:

Capture d e cran 2023 02 20 a 15 40 00
  • Response headers

When replying to an email, the previous message is automatically added to the message with a reply header. An indentation is added to differentiate the original message from your reply. This is the classic mode of operation of most email clients and email exchanges on the internet.
The original response is preceded by a header that we add automatically.

This header can have 2 predefined formats and you can choose the one that suits you best for all the responses made through this campaign.

- Classic format :

- Full Format :

Capture d e cran 2023 02 20 a 15 44 32
Capture d e cran 2023 02 20 a 15 45 24
  • Maximum attempts

At the end of the number of attempts that you define here, if you have not been able to close your ticket, it will no longer be automatically raised and will be classified as "Unreachable".


  • Block duration

The blocking duration is the duration during which the form is put on hold on the selection of the non-blocking status “Put on hold”. The duration is expressed in seconds and is 60 seconds by default.
During this period, the file will no longer be offered in Process files unless a new response arrives on the ticket. This will automatically place an alert and a sticker on the campaign to indicate that there is an action to be taken (new email to read on this ticket).


  • Automatic indentation

If your agent receives calls in addition to managing ticket campaigns, they will be automatically on hold when handling a ticket to avoid receiving calls while a ticket is being answered.


  • Explore the cards

Allows access to the card exploration menu.

Settings not described above are not useful for ticket campaigns.
Remember to save your changes using the "Save campaign" button at the bottom of the page

For any questions, contact support.