How to configure an IP SNOM D725 phone

In some cases, users prefer to use their own existing telephone set (if it matches with IP telephony).

Here is the procedure to follow to use a SNOM D725 phone.

Step 1

Get the IP adress of the phone by pressing the key :

Touche1snom 1

With the help of the keys below, navigate through > 6 Information > 2 System infos to get the IP adress (ex.

Step 2

Open an Internet browser and access the settings with the following URL : http://[Phone's IP] then press the enter key to open the phone's web interface homepage.


Step 3

Click on "Identity 1" to get to the next page ("login" tab)


#1 Enter your SIP account informations, the account login is used for "Displayname", "Account" and "Authentification Username".

#2 Enter the password in "Password".

You can find all of your SIP account informations from the "Telephony" menu in "My line / Clicktocall" or from the "Lines management" tab in each user's profile.

#3 Enter the server's IP adress in "Registrar", do not forget the "6070" port.
You might have to add this same adress in "Outbound proxy", it depends on your network configuration, we recommend not to use this setting in the first place.

#4 Click on "Apply" and save if asked by the interface.

Go to the "NAT" tab.


#1 Enter the SIP server's adress directly followed by the "3478" port

#2 Click on "Apply"

Go to the RTP tab


#1 Enter codec, separated by a comma ; we recommend to use the PCMU and PCMA codes; with a 20 ms packet size.

#2 Switch the RTP Encryption settings on off.

#3 Click on "Apply" and save if asked by the interface.

Depending on phone models, the interface can be different (Another overview below).


Step 4

Click on "Advanced" in the left menu then go to the "SIP/TRP" tab.


# 1 Define a random port between 1025 and 49151 for the "Network identity (port)" (Do not enter 6070 or 5060), each phone on a same network must have a different port.

# 2 Set the "SIP Session Timer" at 300.

# 3 Click on "Apply" and save if asked by the interface.

Step 5

Click on "System informations" in the left menu to display the status of "Identity 1".


For any questions, contact the Support.