How to configure a softphone 3CX to make calls

The free software 3CX allows to receive or make calls by using a SIP account.

This operating mode allows to work on-site but also from home as part of telework.
First of all, download and install the soft phone 3CX by clicking here.

Once the 3CX app is launched, follow the steps below.

Go to @d......>Users management.


Access line informations by going to the "Lines management" tab.

Use the SIP informations from the user account to configure 3CX.
To visualize the password, click on the ***

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For outgoing prospection calls, we recommend to switch the 3XC phone to automatic answer, to do that, click on "Available" until "Auto Ans" displays (On the phone screen).

To create a prospecting campaign, go here.

For any questions, contact the Support.