How to configure an IP THOMSON ST2030 phone

In some cases, users prefer to use their own existing telephone set (if it matches with IP telephony)

Here is the procedure to follow to use a THOMSON ST 2030 phone.

Step 1

Get the IP of the phone from the "Menu" key then Config > Information > IP


Step 2

Open an Internet browser and access the settings with the following URL : http://[IP of the phone]/admin.html (For instance :

  • Login : administrator
  • Password : 784518

Step 3

Access the settings of the line.


#1 Click on "Setup"
#2 Click on "Basic Setup" below "VoIP Service"
#3 Click on the "Edit" of the desired profile

Step 4

Configure the SIP account.


#1 Enter the SIP server's adress into "Service Domain" and into "Register Server Address", don't forget the 6070 port.

  • Erase the content and the port for "Proxy Server Address"
  • Define a random port between 1025 and 49151 for "SIP Local Port" (Do not enter 6070 or 5060), each phone on a same network must have a different port
  • Set the "Registration Timer" at 300

#2 Check the "Connect Reuse" box

#3 Unselect the "SIP Unregister" box in the "Backup SIP Server" part

#4 Enter your SIP account informations, the account login is used for "Phone Number", "Phone name" and "Authentification ID", the password is to be entered in "Password"

You can find all of your SIP account informations from the "Telephony" menu in "My line/clicktocall" or from the "Lines management" tab in each user's profile.

Step 5 

Configure the STUN server


# 1 Click on « ADVANCED »

# 2 Click on « STUN » in the « Networking » section

# 3 - Check the « Enable STUN Server » box

  • Enter the SIP server adress in « STUN Server »
  • Enter the 3478 port in « STUN Server Port »

# 4 Confirm by clicking on "Apply Changes"

The phone will next ask for confirmation to restart, click on "Restart"

For any questions, contact the Support.