How to assign a ticket

What is a ticket ? (reminder)

A ticket corresponds to a support request sent by email by a client.

When a client sends an email to the customer service, the system automatically assigns tickets upon customer's request.
This numbering system allows to centralize all messages (incoming or outgoing) essential to treat the initial request.


Why assign a ticket to someone in particular

As part of a customers service activity, your sales representatives might sometimes have to personally deal with all the steps of some customer's requests.

This is the case for orders or the follow-up of a complaint.

On the other hand, an information request from a same client can be treated by several individuals (if the client sends several messages).

The customization of a ticket's handling is possible thanks to the "Assign that ticket to me" function.

How to assign myself a ticket

A user can assign a ticket to himself after opening the form via the "treat tickets" buttons.

After taking notes on the client request, the sales representative takes the decision to assign himself, or not, to that ticket.

If the assignment was made in error, just click on the "Delete my assignment".


Saffecter ticket

Who can open the ticket?

Once someone is assigned to a ticket, they alone can open it.

If the client sends a new message (in relation with the assigned ticket), then the system automatically offers the ticket to the sales representative so that they can be aware of the new informations shared by the client.

The same principle goes if the sales representative has to delay the handling of the ticket to a later date by selecting the "Open again later" status.

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