How do I mark my email as high priority

If you want your recipient to pay special attention to your message, you can mark it as high importance.

After writing your email, click on the Options icon available to the right of your message window.

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When you click on the icon, a menu unfolds.


You can then set your message to high priority.

When you select your choice, a confirmation tag will be added next to your menu :



You made a mistake ?

Click the confirmation tag again and it disappears. The request is then cancelled.
In most email programs, recipients see a special indicator in the message list or your message headers.

Special cases

If the recipient's inbox doesn't support these settings, your recipient won't see the marker.

How do I check if I have set a priority ?

Not sure you asked for priority anymore?

To verify that your flag is set, open the ticket you wish to verify. If you have set a priority, you will see the validation tag appear on the emails concerned.

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For any questions, contact support