How to create and administer automatic email signatures

An email signature is a block of text automatically added to the end of your emails to provide additional information about yourself, your business or your contact details. It may contain your name, title, company, phone number, address, social media links, etc.

The management of signatures is subject to a right of access.
To authorize access, go to the “Rights” tab of the user profile or contact your administrator.

Create a signature

Find signature management in the “Settings” menu
Click the “Add Signature” button to create a new template.

Add sign
  • The title is required.
    It will help you find your signature among all those you will create.
  • The tag allows you to group your signatures under the same theme.
  • The shortcut buttons add automatic texts whose data is collected in the agent's information which allows signatures to be personalized.
  • Add the content of your signature.
  • You can format your signature using the available layout elements.
  • Finally, record your signature.

How to include an image in your signature

It is entirely possible to integrate your logo or a banner into the content of your message.
To do this, simply right click on the image then “Copy” then paste the image into your message.

Include a signature in your ticket campaign

To include a signature on a ticket campaign, return to "Home" > "Use campaigns"

Select the campaign where you will include your signature and go to “Edit campaign” in the settings menu

Create signature 1

In the “Information” tab, scroll down to the “Default Signature” field.

In the drop-down list of the “Default signature” field, select the title of the signature you want to integrate then save the changes at the bottom of the page.

When writing a message, the signature will be integrated automatically.

For any questions, contact support