How do I transfer my emails from Outlook to web2contact

Do you have an Outlook email account and would you like your emails to be automatically transferred to Web2contact?

To do this, open Outlook and click on the Settings cogwheel

Outlook parametres

A side panel opens. At the very bottom of the page, click on "Show all Outlook settings".

In the new window, select Mail, then Forwarding, and check Enable forwarding

Outlook fenetre transfert

In the Forward my mail to field, you will enter the email address of the campaign you want the mails forwarded to.

To find this email address, go to Web2contact: Home / Exploit campaigns
On the recipient campaign, choose "Edit campaign" from the notched menu.

You can copy/paste the Web2contact Email field and the "" domain name in Outlook.

Camp champemail

You can choose whether or not to keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook. In this case, your emails will arrive in duplicate: an email on Outlook, an email on Web2contact.

Don't forget to click "Save" in Outlook to finalize your transfer request.

Special case - Secure Office365 domain or specific restrictions

Depending on your company's level of security, your account may be managed at the group level or your CIO team may have specific management rules or permissions in place on your accounts for managing email forwarding.

Indeed, although quick to set up to redirect emails to a CRM like ours or to another destination, redirecting emails is becoming more and more restrictive. Good practices in the configuration of corporate messaging services tend to restrict these accesses to control and reference the redirections in place.

You can read this article in English from Microsoft on this subject: /ba-p/2074888

If your Office365 environment does not allow forwarding of emails, do not hesitate to contact us to study together other solutions for collecting emails on an existing box while maintaining a level of security that meets the requirements of your DSI.

For any questions, contact support