How do I request a read receipt and an acknowledgment of receipt

After writing your email, click on the Options icon available to the right of your message window.

Ecran loupe

When you click on the icon, a menu unfolds.


You can then request either a read receipt or an acknowledgment of receipt.

When you select your choice, a confirmation tag will be added next to your menu:

Accuse lecture
Accuse reception

You made a mistake ?
Click the confirmation tag again and it disappears. The request is then cancelled.

Special cases

It is possible in some cases not to receive a read acknowledgment or receipt or read.
This does not mean that your message has not been delivered, opened or read. It just means that the receiver's inbox does not support these settings.
For example, if you request a read or receive receipt to a account, confirmation requests will not work because Gmail has chosen not to manage this type of parameter.

When the recipient opens the email you sent them, depending on their settings, they can choose to send you a read and/or receipt or not. In this case, you will not have an accused.

How do I check if I flagged an email ?

Not sure if you requested read receipt and/or delivery receipt ?

To verify that your flag is set, open the ticket you wish to verify. If you have requested a read receipt or an acknowledgment of receipt, you will see validation tags appear on the relevant emails.

Tag indicateur mail

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