How to create and administer email templates

When dealing with emails, you have the option of creating email templates that can be used by agents to process your customers' requests.

The use of standard emails, also called standard replies, allows:

  • save time by avoiding completely writing repetitive messages,
  • to make the answers homogeneous for all users,
  • to reduce spelling errors.

Create a response template

Access to email templates is reserved for administrators of the web2contact account.
For another user to access this functionality, you must activate the "Email template management" right in the "Rights" tab of the "Domain management" menu.

To create a new quick response, open the “Settings” menu > “Email template management

Click on the button Add email

The screen below appears.

Mail ajout

Add a title to name your quick reply. The title is mandatory and important because it is by the title that you will find your standard email in a drop-down list.
Example: Order tracking



Add a tag to group all the quick replies that relate to the same topic.
In this example, you can choose the "Order" TAG. When writing your email, you can choose a standard email from the drop-down list named Order. You will have listed there beforehand all the emails related to this theme: "Order tracking", "Delivery time" etc...



Add your template content. The template remains editable when you import it into an email.

Preview of a Completed Quick Response

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Display of the different quick replies created

Modele email

In our example, we find 3 emails grouped under the Order TAG.
These emails have a "Not used" status because they are not attached to a campaign for the moment.

To be able to use automatic responses on one or more ticket campaigns, you must go to the campaign settings, "Advanced" tab, enter the desired tag in the appropriate field and do not forget to save the changes at the bottom of the page .

Capture decran 2021 05 06 a 10 26 04

Overview of available quick replies

When the user needs to write a message, he can use the email templates that appear on the right side of the writing module (see box in red below).

Reponses auto mail

NB/ the quick replies can then be modified by the user to personalize the message which will ultimately be sent to the recipient if some changes are necessary.

For any questions, contact support.