How to Access Call Recordings

Call recording is an option, which is disabled by default.

If the "Call recording" function is activated on a campaign or an incoming call distribution queue, all calls are recorded and are kept for a period of 90 rolling days on our servers; the files are then automatically deleted to comply with the rules imposed by the CNIL.

To access call recordings, go to "Reports and statistics" then "Call recordings".

Access to the call recordings menu is reserved for administrators of the web2contact account. For a user to access this functionality, you must activate the "Access the Registration module" right in the "Rights" tab of the "User management" menu.

Different selection criteria allow you to filter call recordings:

  • call campaign
  • user
  • telephone number concerned
  • period
  • call status
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3 possible choices for using call recordings:

  • listen to the recording directly in the interface using the integrated mp3 player,
  • download the MP3 file of the recording,
  • use the mail sending module to send the MP3 file to the recipient of your choice.

For any questions, contact support.