How to forward a call recording (to support or to a customer)

Call recording is one of the many features available.
It is possible to record outgoing calls or incoming calls.
The recordings can be used for training or quality monitoring purposes.
When call recording is activated, the files are stored on our servers for 90 rolling days, they are then automatically deleted in accordance with the legislation in force in most countries.

Why transmit a call recording ?

In the majority of cases, the recordings are listened to via the interface thanks to the integrated player.

Some situations require downloading the mp3 file of the call and then sending it to a third party.

Send to support

You have experienced quality issues on one or more calls. By sending the recording of the call, this allows our teams to validate the type of malfunction encountered by the agent and to facilitate the resolution when the problem comes from our systems or not.

Sending to a customer

You are a service provider and your customer asks you for one or more recordings to check the quality of processing of the calls you make on his behalf.

How do I forward a call recording ?

Access to call recordings is via the "Telephony" / "Recordings" menu.

Overview of the "Recordings" page


Several options/icons are available:

1. Listen to the recording from the interface
2. Download the MP3 file of the recording to then send it by email from your messaging system
3. Email the recording from the interface without using your email system

Simply enter the recipient's address (customer, support) and click "Send". An email is sent with the recording in mp3 as an attached file.


Preview of the email received by the recipient


For any questions, contact support.