How to listen to a call recording

Our integrated phoning system has a call recording module.

Call recording can be enabled/disabled at any time by a user who has administration/supervision rights.

Recording outgoing / incoming calls allows:

  • monitor the quality of user speech
  • to provide factual elements during the debriefs
  • enrich the training materials when integrating new advisors

When the calls are recorded, you can listen to them at any time from the interface.

NB/ access to call recordings is reserved for users who have the right "Access the Recordings module". View How to modify user rights page

Access call recordings

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Filter search results

You can refine your search by selecting different criteria in the filters if you are looking for one or more calls from a particular activity or agent.

The available filters are:

  • countryside
  • user
  • caller / called number
  • period
  • call status

Listen to a call recording

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o listen to a call recording, just click on the "play" icon (in red above).

If you need to transmit a call recording, you can go to How to forward a call recording page

For any questions, contact support.