How to check and configure my sound devices (Windows)

Go to Windows sound settings

You can use the windows start menu by clicking on the windows icon at the bottom left of the screen, then selecting "Settings".


Go to the "System" section


Then select "Sound" on the left side

Son windows 10

Here you can check which devices are used by Windows for sound "output" (what you hear) and for sound input (your microphone).

  • By moving the selector below "Master Volume", you should hear a sound when you release it.
  • As you speak into your microphone, you should see the indicator below "Test your microphone" move.

These first steps are normally sufficient in most cases.

How to ensure that devices are configured correctly ?

From this same screen, click on "Sound control panel" located on the right in "Associated parameters", you will get a window like this :

Son lecture
Son enregistrement

The manipulations that will follow are valid in the "Reading" tab (what you hear) as well as in the "Recording" tab (your microphone).

First make sure that the device used is the default one, left-click on the desired device, the "Default" button must be grayed out and a green tick will appear on the device concerned, if it is not If so, click "Default".

In front of each peripheral, you will see appear a green graduation according to the sound heard or emitted by this one.

Deactivating exclusive mode

It is preferable to prevent another software from blocking your microphone to deactivate the exclusive mode which allows this functionality.

To validate that this mode is deactivated and once the previous checks have been carried out, click on the "Properties" button and go to the "Advanced statistics" tab.

The "Exclusive Mode" boxes should be unchecked to prevent another application from taking control of your sound devices; as a reminder, this must be done in the "Play" part and the "Record" part.

Son mode exclusif

Sometimes it is also necessary to go to the "Spatial Sound" or "Enhancements" tab and deactivate the sound enhancements there.

Now go to the "Communications" tab of the previous window and select "Do nothing" :

Son communications

Alternative mode to access these different menus

Click on the arrow located to the left of the clock, at the bottom right of your screen.

Locate the "Speakers" icon and right-click on it.

  • The "Open Sound Settings" menu will take you to the first part of this user manual.
  • The "Sound" menu will take you to the configuration of each device.
  • Depending on your configuration, the "Spatial sound" option may be disabled from this menu.
Menu 01
Menu 02
Menu 03

For any questions, contact support.