How to check and test my headset microphone

With our software, no need for complex settings to be able to start receiving or making calls.
A phoning system is integrated, simply plug a USB headset into your computer.

Check that everything is in order

When you have plugged in your USB headset, it is necessary to ensure that the hardware is detected by the system.

This step is important and allows you to check that you are going to work in good conditions.

How to do ?

To test your equipment, simply go to "Telephony" / "Test my headset".


During the first use, it may be necessary to authorize our software to use your microphone.
If this is the case, click on "Accept".


When you have accepted, all you have to do is follow the steps indicated on the page.
First, the system will test the sound output; i.e. what you hear.


Clicking on "Test my microphone" will allow you to test the sound input; what people will hear when you're on the phone.


The following 2 steps allow you to conclude the headset tests by initializing test calls.


Testing sound input during a call


For any questions, contact support.