How to configure Windows not to saturate the bandwidth

Windows periodically downloads updates automatically to keep your system running and to avoid security issues that are discovered regularly.
However, these downloads, which may seem innocuous and transparent when you use your internet connection to surf, can become very annoying or even generate problems during your VOIP calls on our systems.

In order to prevent Windows 10 from saturating your bandwidth during updates, it is possible to configure it so that the use of your internet connection is limited during these updates. This limitation will also improve your comfort of use in all other applications that use the Internet and will not disturb the update, the time to download it will just be longer for your computer.

To do this, start by doing "Start" then search for "settings" and open the application.


You then go to "Update and Security"

Maj et scu

Then in "Delivery optimization", on the left


Make sure you have allowed downloads from other PCs, but only on the local network

Then click "Advanced Options".

Check the box "Set the amount of bandwidth allocated for downloading updates in the background" and put 1 in the box.

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For any questions, contact support.