How to extract and retrieve campaign data

An Excel extraction module is available to retrieve raw data from a card or ticket campaign. The advantage of an excel file is that it allows you to rework the data according to your needs and to draw personalized statistics.

To extract the data, go to the notched menu of the chosen campaign and select “Extract data”.

You will then have 2 tabs :

  • one for extracting the files
  • one for the extraction of the actions performed on the contact cards
extraction donnees

Extract records

Extracting the records of a prospecting campaign will output all the records in excel format.

In addition to the contact details of the sheets, you will find:

  • the qualification of the files,
  • the name of the agent on the official files,
  • the dates and times of the last treatment.

If you have linked a qualification script to your prospecting campaign, you will find all the fields of your questionnaire as well as the data entered in this file.

Extract actions

Extracting the actions of a prospecting campaign will show you all the actions that the records have undergone in excel format. You can therefore have several lines for the same file if you have returned to it several times.

Among the data, you will find :

  • the qualifications of the sheets,
  • the name of the agent on the official files,
  • the dates and times of the processing,
  • the time spent on the sheet,
  • comment history.

For any questions, contact support.