How to know the status of your agents

The "Real time" panel allows you to see which agents are available, on call, unavailable or disconnected.

The distribution queues

The "distribution queues" panel shows you the open and closed queues.

Tr files
  • The "Status" column allows you to open or close a queue.
  • The various statistics show you your activity in real time: how many calls are waiting? How many agents are available or busy?

Agents connected

The "Agents connected" panel allows you to follow the activity of the agents present on site.

Tr agents connectes
  • The 096 telephone  icon allows you to call the agent.
  • The "Phone Status" column lets you know whether or not your agent is ready to receive calls.
  • The "Status" column allows you to modify the status of an agent. This function is useful if, for example, an agent has gone on a break and has forgotten to step back. The change of state automatically switches the call to another available agent.
  • The "State" column lets you know what your agent is doing: online? waiting for a call?
  • By clicking on "Double listening", you hear the agent's conversation live.
  • Latency is the reactivity time of the event system which is tested every 30 seconds. This indicator provides an overview of the proper functioning of your connection to our systems.

Logged out agents

The "Disconnected Agents" panel is identical to the "Connected Agents" panel except that it lists the agents absent from the site.

Tr agents deconnectes

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