How to listen to an ongoing call

What is Dual Listening ?

Double listening consists of listening in real time to a telephone conversation between a customer and an agent.

Dual-listening is reserved for users who have a supervisory role. It allows you to effectively train your new agents or assess the performance of your teams.

What are the prerequisites for activating dual listening ?

To activate dual listening, you need to check 3 points :

  • Verify that the user who is going to double-listen has the appropriate permission.

You must verify that the right is enabled in your user's profile. If necessary, go to the 'How to modify a user's rights' page.

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  • Check that the user who is going to double-listen has access to the real-time panel in the "Reports and statistics" menu

If this is not the case, the access right must be authorized in the management of user rights.

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  • Check that the listener is responsible for the listener in the management of teams.

For security and privacy reasons, not everyone can listen to everyone. When you create a team, a reporting relationship is identified. The members you add as team managers are by definition the managers of the team members.

How to activate dual watch ?

To listen to a user, open the real-time monitoring in the "Reports and statistics" menu

The "dual listening" icon is represented by a telephone (circled in red in the screenshot below). To activate dual listening, simply click on the icon.

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Preview of the call panel when double listening is in progress (supervisor station)


The system does not deliver any message or signal to the listened-in user to indicate to him that double listening is in progress.

To stop dual listening, just click on "Hang up".

For any questions, contact support.