How to listen to a call in real time

Our phoning software has a call recording module but also a real-time activity monitoring page that allows you to double-listen.

Double listening, what is it?

This involves listening in real time to a telephone conversation between a customer and a call center operator.
Double listening is often used in outsourced call centers but it can also be performed by anyone in charge of a company's internal telemarketing team.

To do what ?

Regular practice of dual listening allows:

  • to follow the quality of the speech of the users,
  • to provide factual elements during the debriefs,
  • enrich the training materials when integrating new advisors.

How to double-listen ?

To perform dual listening, the user's account must have the appropriate right.

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To modify a user's rights, go to the How to modify user rights page.

Then just go to the "Real-time monitoring" page in the "Reports and statistics" menu.

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To listen to a user, just click on the "dual listening" icon (circled in red in the screenshot below). Make sure beforehand that you have the necessary equipment to listen (headphones, earphones, loudspeaker, etc.).

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Preview of the call panel when double listening is in progress (supervisor station)


The system does not deliver any message or signal to the listened-in user to indicate to him that double listening is in progress.

To stop dual listening, just click on "Hang up".

For any questions, contact support.