Track agent activity

Tracking activity allows you to have a real-time view of your agents’ activity. You see which agents have spent the most time online, allowing you to distribute incoming calls more evenly.

Distribution of telephone status by agent

Open the “Reports and statistics” menu > “Agent status monitoring
You then access the telephone status report by agents which gives you in real time, the time spent on loan, in withdrawal and the time spent in communication.

Etat repart

Online statut counts the time in communication and the number of associated incoming and outgoing calls.

The Ready statut state counts the time the agent is “ready to take calls”.
Be careful, while you are making outgoing calls with the status “Ready”, the agent will be Online statut in the statistics as in the example above.

Onbreak statut  counts the manual withdrawal times of the webphone (for example for a break) but also the automatic withdrawal times (the webphone automatically pauses for the post-call time).
More information on: Why is my line automatically switch to standby

You can sort your results by date or by agent.

Please note: state statistics are updated when the agent changes telephone state.

For any questions, contact support.