Prerequisites on web2contact

Here are some points to check to get started on web2contact. Although it may seem unnecessary, it is important to review the points below for a good mastery of the application and to ensure that your equipment is perfectly connected.

Step 1 : create an account

First, you need to create an account. You can then log in to your dashboard to configure your workspace.

Step 2 : Test your hardware

To ensure the best sound quality, we strongly recommend that you take a moment to test your headset. If you work from home, we also advise you to check the network and internet configuration so as not to saturate the bandwidth.

Step 3 : create your users

You can now create your users and invite them to connect to web2contact.

To create your users, go to the "Domain management" > "Manage users" menu and click on "Add a user"

Users will then need to be integrated into a team to use web2contact. Each user must have a valid license to connect to the web2contact address dedicated to you.

Now you are ready to use web2contact.
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