Use the webphone

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Step 1 : integrate a phone number into your web2contact application

Whether for incoming calls or outgoing calls, it is necessary to integrate a telephone number in web2contact.

For outgoing calls, you must define which number will be displayed to your interlocutor.For incoming calls, you must choose on which number we can contact you.

- Either we provide you with a telephone number
As a telephone operator, we can provide you with geographic (01, 02, 03, 04 or 05) or non-geographic (09) telephone numbers which will be assigned to your account.

To acquire a number, contact support

- Either you import an already existing number
To import an existing number, you must apply for a third-party number presentation mandate. This mandate allows you, for example, to display your customer's number.

How to establish a third-party number presentation mandate ?

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Step 2 : Choose where to contact me

With web2contact, you can work from anywhere. You can therefore choose where your calls will be sent:

  • to the integrated webphone. You can call with a headset plugged into your computer;
  • to an IP telephone compatible with the SIP protocol. There are several resellers and manufacturers, but most are compatible with our solution;
  • to a fixed or mobile, professional or personal telephone.

How do I select where to contact me ?

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Step 3 : manage your phone status

3 states are possible to define if the user is available or not:

  •  ready,
  •  set back,
  •  not available.

Phone state does not affect outgoing calls. An agent can make an outbound call with an unavailable state.

How do I change my phone status ?



You are ready to call :

Group 176

Pick up an incoming call

As soon as your number is in service, the call scenario is created, the distribution queue is open, agents can connect to the web2contact tool to receive calls.
If necessary, review the Receiving Incoming Calls section.

To receive calls, your webphone must be in the state Tag pret

When a call is presented, the webphone will offer you either to accept or to refuse the call. To do this, you just have to click on one of the 2 buttons.

Bouttons webphone

All you have to do is click on accept to pick up an incoming call.

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Make an outgoing call

Once the number to be displayed has been configured, agents can connect to web2contact and start calling.

To make an outgoing call, simply enter the phone number to contact in the webphone and click on the green button to initiate the call.

Webphone compo

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Make an outgoing call via a telephone prospecting campaign

As soon as the number to be displayed has been set up, and you have created and set up a telephone prospecting campaign, agents will be able to connect to web2contact and start prospecting.

When agents log in to the web2contact tool, they only see the campaigns they have access to in the campaign drill-down.



To start prospecting, the agent must click on the icon of the campaign on which he wishes to work. Depending on his access rights, he can see 3 actions:
- Process the files,
- Create a sheet,
- Explore the files.



To correctly process the file, you must choose “Process files”. The contact sheets will open automatically.

  •  Or you have opted for the preview mode, which is the default processing. In this case, when an agent is available, a file opens and it is up to him to click on the phone icon to initiate the call. This mode allows the agent to read the file before making the call.
  •  Or you have opted to activate automatic dialing and automatic hanging up, which are used together in the advanced settings of your campaign. This is the progressive mode. In this case, the system automatically dials the number when the form opens.