Manage your telephone prospecting activity

Web2contact includes an integrated telephone prospecting module. Follow these steps to start prospecting.

Step 1 : Group your users into teams

Before your team starts prospecting on web2contact, you need to create your agents.
If necessary, review how to create a user

In your user settings, you can define:

  •  the login and password;
  •  access rights to web2contact, which determine what a user can or cannot do.

You must then group your agents into teams because these are teams and not unique users that you are going to assign to the processing of a telephone prospecting campaign or tickets.

To create your teams, go to the menu: Domain management > Manage teams and click on "Add a team".

You will only have to invite your user to connect by specifying the address of the domain registered on your home page.

Step 2 : Define which phone number will be displayed

Outgoing calls to a hidden number being prohibited, it is necessary to integrate a telephone number into web2contact. In order to personalize the display of the number that your interlocutor will see, you have 2 possibilities:

- Either we provide you with a telephone number
As a telephone operator, we can provide you with geographic (01, 02, 03, 04 or 05) or non-geographic (09) telephone numbers which will be assigned to your account.

- Either you import an already existing number
To import an existing number, you must apply for a third-party number presentation mandate. This mandate allows you, for example, to display your customer's number.

Step 3 : Create a telephone prospecting campaign

A telephone prospecting campaign refers to a campaign by which your agents will make outgoing calls to predefined targets for marketing or commercial purposes. A contact campaign can take the form of an excel file that you can import into web2contact.

To create a telephone prospecting campaign, you must import your excel file via the menu: Home > Create a new campaign. A campaign is then automatically created, which you will find in the Home > Manage campaigns menu.

Step 4 : Set up a telephone prospecting campaign

All the campaigns you create are accessible via the "Use campaigns" menu.

To set up a campaign, click on the icon 017 settings > "Edit campaign"

Menu info

On the Normal tab, you will define your campaign information:
- Campaign name
- Assign the user and supervision team
- Assign qualifying script

Menu advance

On the Advanced tab, you will set the following information:
- Choose the phone number that will be displayed at the recipient
- Trigger call recording automatically
- Plan a campaign by adding a start and end date for processing
- Activate the automatic dialing of the telephone number...

Menu icon

The Icon tab allows you to customize your campaign icon.

Menu history

The import history tab allows you to track changes you may make to your campaign file.

Step 5 : Add a qualification script (optional)

Adding a qualifying script or phone pitch is optional. It allows a coherent speech between your agents. The script also allows you to collect the information you need since the entries can be exported to Excel.
To create a qualification script, go to the "Settings" > "Manage questionnaires" menu and click on "Add a script".

Several types of fields are available to build your call script:

  • Simple text to enter a field on 1 line
  • Multiline text to enter a field on several lines
  • Lists of choices for a drop-down menu
  • Single or multiple choices to select...

To associate your questionnaire with a campaign, go to the “Informations” tab of your campaign and select the script to apply.

Step 6 : Make an outgoing call via a telephone prospecting campaign

As soon as the number to be displayed has been set up, and you have created and set up a telephone prospecting campaign, agents will be able to connect to web2contact and start prospecting.

When agents log in to the web2contact tool, they only see the campaigns they have access to in the campaign drill-down.



To start prospecting, the agent must click on the icon of the campaign on which he wishes to work. Depending on his access rights, he can see 3 actions:
- Process the files,
- Create a sheet,
- Explore the files.


Campagne traiter


To correctly process the file, you must choose “Process files”. The contact sheets will open automatically.

  •  Or you have opted for the preview mode, which is the default processing. In this case, when an agent is available, a file opens and it is up to him to click on the phone icon to initiate the call. This mode allows the agent to read the file before making the call.
  •  Or you have opted to activate automatic dialing and automatic hanging up, which are used together in the advanced settings of your campaign. This is the progressive mode. In this case, the system automatically dials the number when the form opens.



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