Manage your switchboard

Web2contact allows you to set up a switchboard easily.

It is important to understand how call routing works to have a consistent switchboard. This documentation will serve as a guide to best configure the dispatch of your calls.

Step 1 : create a call script

When an incoming call arrives, it first goes through a call scenario. The scenario will define the actions that the incoming call will undergo.

You can either :

  •  Send your calls to a distribution queue
  •  Play a sound (music on hold for example)
  •  Define call forwarding conditions
  •  Call another user
Eng scenario admin

Each action of a scenario allows its own function. The scenario is therefore a path of actions that you will define. The order of the actions is decisive because some actions take the call out of the scenario.

Step 2 : create a distribution queue

A distribution queue allows one or more calls to be kept on hold while the system contacts an available user to handle the call.
A scenario can send a call to a distribution queue.
A distribution queue is therefore a routing system that distributes incoming calls according to
agent availability and priority.

Step 3 : associate a number to a scenario

Once the creation of your call script is complete, you will need to associate it with a phone number.

Step 4 : manage your phone status

3 states are possible to define if the user is available or not:

  •  ready,
  •  set back,
  •  not available.

To receive calls, your webphone must be in the "Ready" state.

Step 5 : Pick up an incoming call

As soon as your number is in service, the call scenario is created, the distribution queue is open, agents can connect to the web2contact tool to receive calls.

To receive calls, your webphone must be in the state "Ready"

When a call is presented, the webphone will offer you either to accept or to refuse the call. To do this, you just have to click on one of the 2 buttons.

Eng webphone01

All you have to do is click on accept to pick up an incoming call.


Eng incoming call


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