Manage your ticketing activity

The Web2contact application allows the management of ticketing. The arrival of an email triggers the creation of a single ticket numbered automatically by the system. The system collects in a ticket all incoming and outgoing emails that relate to the request that caused the ticket to be created. This operation makes it possible to centralize all the information inherent to a request and to avoid the loss of information.

Step 1: Create a ticket management campaign

To create a ticket management campaign, go to: Home > Create a new campaign > Create a ticket management campaign

A campaign is then automatically created, which you can find in the menu: Home > Run campaigns

To set up your ticket campaign, click on the menu  Camp burger  > “Edit campaign”.

Step 2 : Set up a ticket management campaign

All the campaigns you create are accessible via the "Use campaigns" menu.

To set up your ticket campaign, click on the menu  Camp burger  > “Edit campaign”.

Menu info

On the Information tab, you will define:

  • The name of the campaign
  • Account settings: sender name, reply email (reply to)
  • Viewing the attachment (list or preview)
  • The assignment of a signature
  • Assigning an automatic response
  • Assignment of user and supervision teams
  • Assigning a qualifying script (optional)

Menu advance

On the Advanced tab, you will set:

  • Email templates
  • The response header display
  • Planning dates
  • The maximum number of attempts
  • The duration of blocking (on hold)

Menu icon

The icon tab allows you to customize the icon for your ticket campaign.

Menu history

The import history tab allows you to track changes you may make to your ticket campaign file.

Step 3 : Group your users into teams

Before your team starts using the ticketing tool, you need to create your agents.
If necessary, review how to create a user

In your user settings, you can define:

  •  login and password;
  •  web2contact access rights, which determine what a user can or cannot do.

You should then group your agents into teams because these are teams and not single users that you will assign to handle a ticket campaign.

To create your teams, go to the menu: Domain management > Manage teams and click on "Add a team".
You will only have to invite your user to connect by specifying the address of the domain registered on your home page.

Step 4: process tickets

When agents log in to the web2contact tool, they only see the ticket campaigns they have access to in campaign drill-down.

Tk explorer
To start processing tickets, the agent must click on the icon of the campaign they want to work on. Depending on his access rights, he can see 3 actions:

  • Process tickets,
  • Create a ticket,
  • Explore tickets.

Tk traitement

To correctly process the file, you must choose “Get into tickets”.


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