How to modify user rights

The management of user rights allows you to strengthen the confidentiality of your customers' data. You can limit access to agents only to useful menus and according to their mission.

To assign rights to a user, go to the "Domain management" menu > "Manage users"

Access rights management

V affectation droits

The configuration of access is done either on a user or on a team.

For a user with a "supervisor" or "administrator" profile, all the boxes can be checked.
This level allows access to the web2contact application as well as modification, configuration and deletion in the various menus: domain management, campaigns, incoming calls and report editions.

For a user with an agent profile, you can assign rights according to the tasks you are going to entrust to him.
The agent will have access to the webphone and will be able to make and receive calls from the application and set their personal preferences.

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