Start prospecting

Web2contact includes an integrated telephone prospecting module. Here's what you need to know to start prospecting.

Understanding the Campaigns Menu

The campaigns you have access to are available in the “Home” menu > “Use campaigns”


The icon Camp play allows you to start prospecting in "Sequence of cards" mode

The icon Camp allows you to create a new card in the campaign

The icon Camp oeil allows you to display the list of records to contact

The icon    Camp burger    gives you access to the campaign administration menus if you have the appropriate rights

Statut  The campaign priority tag is your processing priority set by your manager (1 is the highest priority, 10 the lowest)

In progress is one of the statuses available on campaigns. Other statuses exist :
- Scheduled when a campaign is time-limited
- Expired if the end date has passed

Status of prospecting sheets

The monitoring of the status of the sheets is indicated in real time:

Fiche prospec etat

In this example, out of the 200 records in the campaign :

  • 200 are done - so they will no longer be offered
  • 50 are available - these are the uncontacted records
  • 50 are waiting - these are the records that have already been contacted and are on hold

Alert dots

The encrypted dot on the icon of a campaign tells you

  • the number of newly arrived records that have not yet been processed
  • outdated alerts that need to be addressed.
Group 174

Start prospecting

To start prospecting, click on the title of the campaign you want to work on. Campaigns have 3 menus :

Campagne traiter


  • Get into the sheets to start prospecting in “Sequence of files” mode
  • Create a sheet to add a new contact to the file
  • Explore the sheets to view all the campaign sheet

To correctly process the file, you must choose “Get into sheets”. The contact sheets will automatically open according to the alert and treatment priorities.

Get into sheets


Traitement fiche


  • Either your manager has opted for the preview mode, which is the default treatment. In this case, it is up to you to click on the phone icon to initiate the call.
  • Either your manager has opted for the progressive mode. In this case, the system automatically dials the number when opening the sheet.

Qualification script

Onglet qualification

If your manager has integrated a qualification script into your campaign, you will find it in the “Qualification” tab. The script can be in the form of a speech. It also collects information that you can enter during the call.

Rule a sheet

At the end of a call, you will have to decide the file. In the "Select a status" menu, several closing choices are available to you.

Statuts files

The statuses in the follow-up state (put on hold, not answering, answering machine or busy) are the states where the file will be offered again according to the parameters defined in the campaign by your manager.

After selecting your choice, you can either:

  • validate and continue = go to the next file
  • validate and exit = return to the campaign menu

Schedule an alert

The button  Group 84  allows you to program an alert to make an appointment with your interlocutor or postpone the file to a later date different from the default setting.

All you have to do is choose the date and time to make the appointment, then validate.


When the form is represented at the time of the alert, an information banner will remind you of the programming taken :

Alerte bando

Assign a sheet

  • Assign me a sheet

In the card menu   Camp burger  , you can assign yourself a card. Other agents will not be able to open it.

Affecter fiche


  • Assign a sheet to another user

In the card menu   Camp burger  , you can assign a card to one of your colleagues and enter a comment. Other agents will not be able to open it.

Affecter autre


Dial an outgoing call manually

To make an outgoing call manually, dial a number on the webphone and click on the  096 telephone   icon to initiate the call.

Webphone sortant

During the call, the webphone will leave 2 functions available to you: transfer or hang up the call.


Undraw mobile connect
Undraw message sent re q2kl 1
Undraw co working re w93t