How to start phone prospecting

When you have created your telephone prospecting campaign, the telemarketers you have assigned to the campaign can start working.
See How to assign a team to a campaign

To start prospecting, you need to select the campaign you are going to work on.
3 menus are then proposed to you:

Campagne traiter
  • Process records

This mode connects the cards to contact, prioritizing according to the reminders that you have been able to record. This choice is strongly recommended for optimum use of the web2contact?
See How to manage alerts

  • Create a record

This option is accessible via an access right. It allows agents to create new files in a prospecting campaign.

  • Explore the cards

This option is accessible via an access right. She can view all campaign cards or search for cards based on search filters.

Dialing calls

Regarding the initiation of phone calls, you can activate either :


Rule the file

At the end of your telephone conversation, you must rule on your file :

Statuts fiches

The statuses will allow you, among other things, to manage alerts and edit statistics.

For any questions, contact the Support.