How to start phone prospecting

You will find all your prospecting and ticketing campaigns in the "Home" > "Exploit campaigns" menu.

Demarrer prospection

To start prospecting, click on Camp play button

This button allows you to launch prospecting in “file chaining” mode.

Then click on the clicktocall 096 telephone to initiate the call.

At the end of the call, choose a status and move on to the next card with the “Validate and continue” button.


When you click on the name of your campaign, or if you click "Validate and exit", the following menu is offered to you :

Campagne traiter
  • Process records

This mode returns to file processing, as seen above.

  • Create a record

This option is accessible via an access right. It allows agents to create new files in a prospecting campaign.

  • Explore the cards

This option is accessible via an access right. She can view all campaign cards or search for cards based on search filters.

Dialing calls

If you want calls to launch automatically when the form is opened and your agents no longer have to click on the clicktocall icon, you must activate automatic dialing in the advanced campaign settings.

See the documentation: How to activate automatic calls

Status the sheet

At the end of your telephone conversation, you must decide on your sheet :

Statuts files

The statuses will allow you to edit statistics.

Post an alert


Unlike the hold statuses, the button Group 84 allows you to choose the date for the file to be raised and to add an alert if necessary.

The alert will be visible thanks to the red dot on your campaign icon.
For information in How to manage alerts

For any questions, contact support.