How to manage alerts

It's possible that you couldn't reach a contact the first time, or that they picked up your call but didn't have time to continue the conversation.

In this case, you can decide your contact card with "Put on hold". This option allows you to resubmit the card later (therefore to create a reminder) or to generate an alert.

To put a file on hold, click on the icon Group 84

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The different types of reminders

Several options are possible :

  • Put on hold without further details: this means that you select "Put on hold" in the listing status drop-down menu, without going through the icon Group 84

In this case, you do not specify either date or time. The form will come back automatically after the pre-defined time in the campaign settings ("Blocking duration"). This choice is mainly for a customer whose line rings busy or to be contacted later without a specific deadline.

  • Putting a date on hold with precision : this means that you go through the icon menu  Group 84 without checking the "Schedule an alert" box.

In this case, you will:

- Either select a predefined date and time;
- Either use the last dates and times you selected;
- Either choose the date and time that suits you best.

The listing will only come out on the scheduled date. This choice applies to a contact who is absent for a specific period, for example.

  • Added a queue alert : this means that you go through the icon menu Group 84 and that you checked the "Schedule an alert" box.

In this case, the file will go up at the time and day defined in the alert, and will pass in priority in front of the other files. You will be notified of this priority appointment by an alert dot, visible on the campaign icon.

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