Receive incoming calls

Choose where to contact me


With web2contact, you can work from anywhere. You can therefore choose where your calls will be sent :

Group 121
  • The WEB line allows you to use the integrated webphone. You can call with a headset plugged into your computer
  • The SIP line allows you to send your calls to an IP telephone compatible with the SIP protocol. This requires manual configuration to be performed on the IP phone
  • The PSTN line allows you to send your calls to your landline or mobile phone. Your number is to be specified in “My profile” / Field “Telephone”

For more information : How do I select where to contact me ?

Manage your phone status

In the application, 3 states are possible to define whether you are available or not :

Group 118
  • The ready state : you are ready to receive calls
  • The withdrawn state : you are present but not available (on break, in training, etc.)
  • The unavailable state : you are absent and therefore no longer available (outside your working hours)

Phone state does not affect outgoing calls. You can make an outgoing call with the status unavailable.

Pick up an incoming call

To start receiving a call, the telephone status of your webphone must be in the ready state.

When presenting an incoming call, the webphone will offer you either :

  • answer the call by clicking on accept,
  • not to pick up the call by clicking decline.
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