How to manage your phone status

The change in the telephone state is used by the agent to manage his availability on the management of incoming calls in the distribution queues.

Agent state for call distribution

There are 3 possible states for the system to distribute or not an agent call.

  • Ready
  • Indented
  • Not available


The agent is Ready to receive calls, the system will send calls to him based on his dispatch cycle or queue agent priority.

If the agent is already on the line, the system will not distribute calls to him.

Therefore, an agent may be online and Ready, but will only receive another call after hanging up and warming up for a few seconds between calls.


For the Withdrawn state, the agent can choose a specific reason that will be used for the statistics to justify the reason for the withdrawal, but from the point of view of the distribution.

The purpose is the same: Do not distribute calls because the agent is Withdrawn.

The agent withdraws when performing an ancillary task and should no longer receive calls during this period.

However, he is still in the available workforce and can come back to take a call if necessary. If all the agents in a queue are Out , the system keeps the call on hold for the wait time 1 configured on the distribution queue.

Not available

The agent has finished his day or is not there. He should not be counted in the workforce able to take calls. It goes into Not available.

The system does not distribute calls to him.

When all agents are Unavailable for a queue, it is waiting time 2 (See queue configuration) that is used to know if the call should be overflowed from the queue or remain on hold until an agent is Ready again.


The telephone status has no impact on the management of outgoing calls made as part of a telephone prospecting campaign.

The telephone state does not affect the distribution of calls on direct lines.

How to change your phone status


To receive calls, you need to switch your status to "Ready".
To stop receiving calls, select one of the "Unready" status in the drop-down list.

Operating mode to pick up an incoming call.

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