How to add a send SMS button

Our software has an SMS sending module that is easy to add to a call script and quick to customize.

Please note: the sending of SMS having a cost, it is subject to authorization by your manager.


Create a send SMS button in your questionnaire

When creating your questionnaire, select "Send SMS" from the list of fields.


Configure the SMS to send by clicking on the icon Pencil. In the field properties, you will define:

  • The button label
  • The help text : small mnemonic text which can for example give the click conditions to the agents
  • The sender : Who sends the SMS ? The name can contain numbers or letters
  • The default recipient : You can either pre-fill the field with the salesperson's number, for example when confirming an appointment, or leave it empty and enter the customer's phone number to send any confirmation.
  • The text to send : You can pre-fill the field with the SMS text. It will be modifiable before sending to add a detail for example.
  • SMS messages are limited to 160 characters

When qualifying your file, you will find the button to send an SMS. As a reminder, the "numbers" and "message" fields can be modified :


For any questions, contact support.