How to create a call script

To manage a phone prospecting mission (appointment booking for instance), the qualification of databases, or satisfaction surveys, you need a reliable sale pitch.

A valuable sale pitch is an efficient way to make sure that the telemarketers speech will be uniform and will respect procedures in place.

Our software includes a call script creation tool which allows to display informations telemarketers will have to say during the call and also to add different blocks allowing to collect informations that will be very valuable in the end of the prospection (Results analysis).

To create a new call pitch, go to the "Settings" > "Manage questionnaires" menu and click on the "Add a script" button.

Build your script in a few clicks

Several buttons allow to compose your script :

  • Simple text : Allows to add an input field on a line - see create a simple text field
  • Multiline text : Allows to add an input field on several lines - see create a multiline text field
  • Choice list : Allows to add a drop-down menu - see create a drop-down list
  • Multiple choice : Allows to add one or several boxes to check - see create multiple choice
  • Single choice : Allows to add single choice radio buttons
  • HTML block : Allows to enter text with or without HTML formatting and to integrate a Google Calendar
  • Date field : Allows to add a calendar - see create a date field
  • Button : Allows to trigger some actions (ex. The sending of preformated emails, oppening of a website...)
  • Link : Allows to add a link to another webpage

For any questions, contact the Support.