How to integrate a shared google calendar into my script

Phone prospecting is often used to take appointments for sale agents.

There are more efficient methods than paper boards or pieces of paper to write down, and mostly share, appointments telemarketers managed to get !
Indeed, thanks to our software, you have the possibility to integrate one or several Google shared calendars into your scripts.
That way, telemarketers can visualize in real time free slots available for the sale agent for whom the appointment is being made.

Moreover, if sale agents have installed the Google Calendar on their smartphone or tablet, they can visualize in real time the new appointments.



The addition of a calendar is made through the HTML bloc of the script editor

To integrate the calendar in iframe

The term "iframe" is the diminutive of "inline frame". It describes an HTML element that can be integrated in a fixed frame on an existing website.

With the help of the iframe tag, websites, their functionalities and their contents can be extended without a programming work.

To get the calendar's iframe code to integrate, you must go to the "Settings and sharing" section of the Google calendar in question.

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The iframe code is located in the "Integrate calendar" section.

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Use of the HTML bloc of the Script Editor

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When you have opened the edition window of the HTML bloc (Click on the yellow pencil), you must click on the "Display HTML code" button, and paste the iframe code of the calendar.

Once the iframe code is pasted, click once again on the " Display HTML code" button then on "Save"

To get back to the other scripts elements, you only need to click on the blue "Back to the script" button, at the bottom right of the page.

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Example of a script with Google Calendar

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