How to integrate a shared google calendar into my script

Telephone prospecting is often used to make appointments for traveling salespeople.

With web2contact, you have the possibility of integrating one or more Google shared calendars into your telephone arguments.
In this way, telemarketers view in real time the free slots of the salespeople for whom the appointment is made.

In addition, if salespeople have installed the Google Calendar application on their smartphone or tablet, they can view new appointments made in real time.

To display a shared Google calendar, it will be essential to insert the public URL of your calendar.

Where can I find the public URL of my calendar ?

Start by opening your Google Calendar.
It is possible that under 1 account, several calendars exist.
You will find the list of available calendars in “My calendars” in the left menu.


Select the calendar you want to share and open the "Options" menu. By clicking on the options menu icon, another menu is displayed. Select “Settings & Sharing”.


In the left drop-down menu, click “Embed Calendar” then copy the public calendar URL


Adding a calendar is done via the call questionnaires accessible via the “Settings” menu. In the administration of your questionnaire, add the “Google Calendar” field

On the Web2contact side, paste the address into the “Public calendar URL” field of your questionnaire.

When processing the associated campaign files, your prospectors will see the agenda in the “Qualification” tab


Info  Sharing your calendar's public URL does not mean that your calendar is no longer private. This is an embed link. Sharing settings are managed in authorizations.

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