How to send an email from a questionnaire

The automatic mail allows the sending of a pre-defined mail on the simple click of a button.

Define the email type

You are going to start by building the standard email that will start when the button is clicked. To do this, go to the documentation How to create and administer email templates.

Retrieve the recipient's address

The first step is to add a "simple text" field that will be used to collect the entry of the recipient's email address.

Script 1

Configure automatic email

Then you select the "Automatic Mail" field. In the field properties, you will define:

  • The button label
  • The recipient of the email: in the drop-down list, the simple text fields of your script will appear. It will therefore be necessary to select the field where the recipient's email address will be entered.
  • The email template: select the email that will be sent from the list of available templates.
  • The subject of the email
  • The name of the sender
  • Reply to: on which email address your contact can reply to you
Script mail

Preview of the email sent

Script mail apercu

The Test button is used to check that the desired configuration and display comply with your request.

For any questions, contact support.