How to assign a team to a campaign

When you create a prospecting or ticket management campaign, it is not a user but a team that will handle the processing of actions.

In this way, a team will be able to have access to certain campaigns, which other teams will not see.

Access to team management

The "Manage teams" page allows you to see the teams already created and modify their composition.

To know how to assign a user to a team and manage the composition of teams, you can consult the documentation How to assign a user to a team

Assignment of a team to a campaign (prospecting or ticket management)

Team assignment is managed in the campaign settings.

Affect eq camp

There are 2 parts:

  • Campaign Assignment = which teams of users can view and process the campaign
  • Administration/supervision = teams of supervisors who have access rights to reports and campaign supervision*

* supervision rights are added upstream to the account of the user concerned (see how to modify a user's rights).

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