How to create a team

The creation of users is reserved for administrators of the web2contact account.
For another user to access user creation, you must activate the "Allow to create new users" right in the "Rights" tab of the "User management" menu.

When you create a prospecting or ticket management campaign, it is a team of users who will take care of the action processing.

Therefore, it is therefore teams and not unique users that you will assign to the processing of a prospecting campaign or tickets (How to assign a team to a campaign).
This way, a team will be able to see certain campaigns that other teams won't see.

To add a team in your domain, go to the Domain management menu > Manage teams and click on the button Button add team

Create a team

Crea equipe
  • Team members = users who have processing rights (telemarketing, ticket management, etc.)
  • Team managers = users who have supervision, administration rights (team manager)

To add a user to either section, simply select them in the "Users List" and click the left arrow to move them to the "Members" or "Managers" list.

For any questions, contact support.