How to create a team

When you create a prospecting or ticket management campaign, it is a team of users who will take care of the action processing.

Therefore, it is therefore teams and not unique users that you will assign to the processing of a prospecting campaign or tickets (How to assign a team to a campaign).
This way, a team will be able to see certain campaigns that other teams won't see.

To add a team in your domain, go to the Domain management menu > Manage teams and click on the button Button add team

Create a team

Crea equipe
  • Team members = users who have processing rights (telemarketing, ticket management, etc.)
  • Team managers = users who have supervision, administration rights (team manager)

To add a user to either section, simply select them in the "Users List" and click the left arrow to move them to the "Members" or "Managers" list.

For any questions, contact support.