How to automatically switch a user to “Unavailable” when they log out

When your agents have finished their day, they are supposed to switch their webphone to “Unavailable” before logging out of the web2contact application.

  • If they forget to change their phone status and disconnect, you still see them READY in the list of disconnected agents in your real-time tracking.
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What are the consequences of this ?

If an agent remains in the READY phone status while disconnected from the application, this will unnecessarily increase customer waiting time.

When you create a distribution queue, you must enter 2 waiting times :

  • Waiting time 1 which is the maximum duration during which a call remains on hold in the distribution queue if all agents are already online, or whose state is Not ready (administrative reason, pause, etc.).
  • Waiting time 2 applies if all your agents are in "Unavailable" and disconnected. In this case, the waiting time is reduced or even zero since no user is connected to the system.

To sum up :

If your agents have a "READY" status and are DISCONNECTED, waiting time 1 applies.

If your agents have an "UNAVAILABLE" status and are DISCONNECTED, waiting time 2 applies.

How do I change an agent to “Not available” ?

There are 2 possibilities to change an agent to “Not available”:

  • Change phone status manually in real time

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To do this, simply click on the different statuses in your real time panel.

  • Enable automatic switching of the agent to 'Not available' when he disconnects

In the "Domain management" > "Manage users" menu, go to the "Rights" tab of a user.
Enable the right to “Switch user to ‘Unavailable’ when they log out”

For any questions, contact support.