How to pick up an incoming call

Plug your headsets and pick up in 1 click !

To receive incoming calls, you must first have made a request to add a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number.

When your number is in service, that the call queue is opened and you are connected to your account, simply switch the phone status to "Ready".


When an incoming call arrives on your station, you are notified by a ring and by the calling headband that displays on the right side of the interface (See below).
You then have the choice to accept or decline the call.

If you decline the call, it will be either distributed to another available user or put on hold.

Eng incoming call

NB/ Our software contains a CTI (computer telephony integration); if the phone number is associated to a contact form, then this contact form automatically displays on the user's station.

In the example above, the number is masked, the system then displays the following message "No form found".

To end the call, just click on the "Hang up" button or let the caller end the communication.

For any questions, contact the Support.