How to identify reiterations of calls

The reiteration of calls corresponds to the situation where the client has to repeat a call several time to join their customer service or a business switchboard.

There are several possible reasons to the reiteration of calls :

  • The client hanged up the call during the waiting time
  • The client call was dissuaded by the phone system (waiting time expired, impossibility to cover the call as a result of a significant or unusual activity)
  • The client had to call several times because they did not get any satisfactoy response to their request

The reiteration of calls is an irritating factor that can quickly deteriorate your company image.

Identify numbers that generated a lot of calls.

In the "Reports and Statistics" menu, the "Incoming calls by distribution queue" statistics module allows you to view this data using the "Call details" tab.

Capture d e cran 2022 03 21 a 14 09 51

In the overview above, the system indicates that 332 calls were received during the period of 12/21/21 to 03/21/22.

When you check the “Show calls by number” box, the system indicates how many telephone numbers generated these 332 calls.
In this example, we can see that 125 numbers are the source of 332 calls.

Capture d e cran 2022 03 21 a 14 10 10
Capture d e cran 2022 03 21 a 14 10 55 censored

For each telephone number, you quickly see how many calls have been received as well as the cumulative waiting time.

In the example below, there were 6 calls to this phone number and the total wait time is 4 minutes and 45 seconds.

Capture d e cran 2022 03 21 a 14 11 07 censored

Tip / to improve caller experience, call back customers who have called several times and waited several minutes.

For any questions, contact support.